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Frequently asked questions.
Can I remove the Theme © iAndrew copyright?
For future updates and support of the theme you have bought it would require that you keep the Theme © iAndrew copyright with a link back to my site in the footer. You may still edit any part or the whole theme as much as you like.
How many domains can I use my theme on?
As long as you own the domain and have bought the theme from, you may use it on as many domains you want. I do not allow sharing of themes to friends on other domains.
Will MyBB plugins work with my themes?
Yes. All MyBB plugins will work with themes on For some plugins the templates might need one or two edits.
Do I get support if I have any problems with a theme.
I offer free support if you have bought a theme from Please post any support questions in the correct theme topic unless you are private messaging me login details for support.
Do you offer any other payment methods.
No. Themes can only be purchased by using paypal.
How and when will I get my custom/premade theme if I buy?
After the Paypal process you will be directed back here to where you will get your theme zip to download.
How do I purchase custom themes?
You can click the Go Custom link in the header and private message me all the details for your custom theme.
Do I offer any other work other than themes?
For a small fee depending on the work needed doing I can do backgrounds, logos or custom pages for your site.