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iGame - Responsive MyBB 1.8 theme

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iGame - Responsive MyBB 1.8.x Theme

[Image: paypalbutton.jpg]

Works on all your mobile / tablet and desktop devices and comes with the following.

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Bootstrap ready
Bootstrap tooltips
FontAwesome icons
Google fonts
Boot Strap Dropdowns
Media queries for mobile / tablet use
Every major template has been modified
Custom profiles
Custom footer
Social share and links for your media sites.

I offer free support for the theme and all future updates for the theme.

iGame - Desktop View

[Image: index.png]

[Image: index2.png]

[Image: forumdisplay.png]

[Image: showthread.png]

iGame - Mobile View

[Image: im.png] [Image: fdm.png] [Image: stm.png] [Image: pm.png] [Image: usercpm.png] [Image: ueo.png]


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