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Zen - Responsive MyBB 1.8 theme

iAndrew Online
Zen - Responsive MyBB 1.8x Theme

[Image: paypalbutton.jpg]

A light and colorful MyBB design with a unique style.
Works on all your mobile / tablet and desktop devices and comes with the below.

Quote: Wrote:Upgrade account page
Polygon header
MyBB modal quick search
Bootstrap drop downs
FontAwesome icons 
Stacked fonts
Custom footer with menu links
Social share thread and pages
Twitter Like profile cards
Media queries for mobile / tablet use
Every major template has been modified

Follow the instructions inside Upgrade account page.txt.

I offer free support for the theme and all future updates for the theme.

Zen - Desktop View

[Image: index1.jpg]

[Image: index2.jpg]

[Image: index3.jpeg]

[Image: forumdisplay1.jpeg]

[Image: showthread1.jpg]

[Image: usercp1.jpeg]

[Image: memberlist.jpeg]

[Image: modcp.jpeg]

[Image: profile.jpeg]

MyBB Modal search:
[Image: search.jpg]

Upgrade Account page:
[Image: upgrade.jpeg]

Zen - Mobile View

[Image: i.jpeg] [Image: f.jpeg] [Image: s.jpeg] [Image: p.jpeg] [Image: u.jpeg][Image: m.jpeg]


chocolate Offline
Junior Member
Another great theme! Smile

iAndrew Online
(12-28-2018, 10:19 PM)chocolate Wrote: Another great theme! Smile

Thanks. Good to hear.

CCIEjon2015 Offline
Junior Member
great theme! Smile

iAndrew Online
Theme has now been added back after a mistake on my end. Zip updated.

freevy Offline
Junior Member
I applied this theme on my forum and i have some problems, i really did not expected. The theme is great but there are some bugs!

1. - I can't even click New reply button because when i go with my mouse cursor over it it shows me the navigation menu. (Home, forums, subscritions etc) .

2. How to edit the 'cover' photo from user profile ?

3. On alerts button, do i need any plugin for this? Because i get directed to /myalerts.php and i get 404 error

4. Clicking on any username from a thread should direct me to their profile, but nothing happens when i click !

This for now, i don't have much time to look for more bugs right now.


iAndrew Online
These are not bugs. Send me your forum url.
1) I am hovering over new reply now and no menu comes close to it.

2) Upload a new image named proimag.jpg replacing the current one.

3) Yes, this is for a plugin which most sites tend to use so I added it ready for people.

4) I have used the wrong variable for the names, will update the theme with a clickable name.

You can open templates > zen > Post Bit Templates > Postbit + Postbit_classic



freevy Offline
Junior Member
(01-09-2019, 03:41 PM)iAndrew Wrote: 1) I am hovering over new reply now and no menu comes close to it.

Thanks for fast reply. I will send you a video later when i get on my computer.

Another problem would be the theme is not fully responsive on my phone.


iAndrew Online
That is because of the embedded video in the post, nothing to do with the theme.

freevy Offline
Junior Member
(01-09-2019, 04:03 PM)iAndrew Wrote: That is because of the embedded video in the post, nothing to do with the theme.

Hey! I recorded the video. You should check it here

What do you think is the problem?

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate

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