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Revolution Gaming - Responsive MyBB 1.8 theme


Revolution Gaming - Responsive MyBB 1.8.x Theme

[Image: buynow.png]

Works on all your mobile / tablet and desktop devices and comes with the below.

Quote: Wrote:Bootstrap 
FontAwesome icons / Google fonts
Bootstrap tipsy / dropdowns
Social share thread and pages
Logged in user slide out menu 
Media queries for mobile / tablet use
Custom user slider menu
Every major template has been modified

Social buttons can be edited in Templates > Revo > Index Page Templates > Index

I offer free support for the theme and all future updates for the theme.

Revolution Gaming - Desktop View




Revolution Gaming - Mobile View





Evo is now updated for MyBB 1.8.10

Changed some code in Portal, Index, Forum display, Postbits and Profiles.
Minified extra.css and global.css
Added some new Media Queries.

Hey man, hope you're doing well.

I was hoping you could take a quick look at something for me.

I was trying to make the logo on my site resize depending on the screen size it's being displayed on but have had no success in accomplishing this, the image retains the same size no matter what I do.

On desktop or larger displays I think the original size would be fine, but on smaller devices such as phones/tablets the logo runs off the screen and looks terrible, I could use a smaller image but I don't think it looks right on larger screens.

Let me know what you find out


I've reactivated your account in case you need to dig into anything.
I'll pm that info to you.

Simple fix, I'll sort it now for you.

I kept looking to see the fix and wasn't seeing it..

I just realized you edited Evo (which looks nice btw) but I'm using Revo for the default theme.

Your profile was set to use Evo though so I see why you chose that Theme.

I tried to figure out what changes you made, but I couldn't identify it... would you mind making the same fix to the Revo theme? (and leave Evo as is, I like the fix there too)

Thanks again Andrew, as always you are awesome!


I just added a class on the logo div and the css at the top of global.css
I will PM you shortly with an updated version of Revo also.

(04-29-2017, 08:41 PM)iAndrew Wrote: I just added a class on the logo div and the css at the top of global.css
I will PM you shortly with an updated version of Revo also.

Looks great!

As always man, you are the best.

Thank you,

Updated for MyBB 1.8.12

Updated for MyBB 1.8.13.
Added a couple other extra updates.

Updated for MyBB 1.8.14
Added updated version of viewing first and last post on forum display plugin.

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